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Brush Xtractor

The Brush XTractor (TM) is a patented skid steer attachment that uses fulcrum angles and engineering to increase strength of skid steers, to pull out nuisance brush by the tap root--removing it for good and leaving a clean surface without stumps or holes. 

Unlike conventional removal methods, the Xtractor doesn't leave stumps to damage tires or hooves, and doesn't poison creeks, pastures, or livestock with herbicide runoff. Science has proven that nuisance huisache, mesquite, etc. grow more quickly from disturbed tap roots, making regrowth even harder to remove since small brush is attached to large root systems.

Winner of the 2019 American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE) AE50 Innovation Award.

Brush Xtractor Videos

The Brush Xtractor permanently removes a tap root nuisance tree, like huisache or mesquite by pulling the root. This prevents regrowth that occurs rapidly after pinching or cutting methods. See more on Facebook or YouTube.

Xtractor Attachment

The Brush Xtractor  is quick and easy to attach to any skid steer. 

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